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Unmatched Touchless Accuracy

During typical patient activity

Respiration Accuracy *

woman breathing in nature

Heart Rate Accuracy *

woman breathing in nature

Respiratory Profile: rich data for AI analysis

  • Respiration Profile: Breathing stop, shallow & deep breaths, varying slopes
  • Differentiating: Normal, COPD, Sleep Apnea, Asthma

Respiration stop recognition

woman breathing in nature

Two shallow and one deep breath

woman breathing in nature

Normal             Sharp Inhale                      Sharp Short Breath

woman breathing in nature

* Testing details

51 adult subjects
37 male and 14 female
BMI range 18 - 31

Each test was 14 minutes long and subjects wore their own "street" clothes. Subjects were asked to lay on their backs and sides while inactive, asked to talk and rollover during the test and also asked to get out of bed, exercise for 1 minute to raise their HR and RR, before getting back in bed to continue the test procedure.