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Capture heart & respiration rates with absolutely no user contact

We are introducing a complete paradigm shift in how vital signs are measured. Our fully patented technology, which measures the actual movement of tissues inside the body, is uniquely accurate in the world of non-contact monitoring while enabling additional measurements that are traditionally very difficult to capture.

This enabling technology finally allows doctors to provide effective proactive remote care to their chronically ill patients suffering from a wide range of diseases including - Asthma (25 MM in US), COPD (16MM in US), CHF (7MM in US) and many more. This is simply not possible with current technologies.

Why DistaSense®


Completely proprietary technology

  • 4 issued + 3 pending in US
  • Many pending internationally
  • More in the pipeline

A wealth of meaningful data nightly

  • More value than 1X/day readings
  • Data beyond rate and trend
  • 99.9% of all outputs within 10% of reference device

Built with our users in mind

  • Data is recorded any time a user is in bed - no need to do anything
  • No need to "pair" to wifi/bluetooth
  • easy to install

The Future Starts Now

Partner with us & help revolutionize the intersection of healthcare & technology for touchless vital monitoring.

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